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“My idea was then and still is that if a man did his work well, the price he would get for that work, the profits and all financial matters, would care for themselves and that a business ought to start small and build itself up and out of its earnings. If there are no earnings then that is a signal to the owner that he is wasting his time and does not belong in that business. I have never found it necessary to change those ideas, but I discovered that this simple formula of doing good work and getting paid for it was supposed to be slow for modern business. The plan at that time most in favor was to start off with the largest possible capitalization and then sell all the stock and all the bonds that could be sold. Whatever money happened to be left over after all the stock and bond-selling expenses and promoters, charges and all that, went grudgingly into the foundation of the business. A good business was not one that did good work and earned a fair profit. A good business was one that would give the opportunity for the floating of a large amount of stocks and bonds at high prices. It was the stocks and bonds, not the work, that mattered. I could not see how a new business or an old business could be expected to be able to charge into its product a great big bond interest and then sell the product at a fair price. I have never been able to see that.
- Henry Ford (1922)

Community’s mission is to provide customised electricity retail solutions on a fee-for-service basis to consumers and suppliers seeking to benefit from wholesale electricity prices and price signals while bearing their desired level of risk & return commensurate with their consumption choices. (More Information)

The Wholesale Electricity Market is a means of unbundling the cost components of electricity supply and then minimising their cost through markets and transparent pricing mechanisms. Community seeks to extend this into the area of the retail service itself, by unbundling the retail business into its components of:

  • Know-how;
  • Information & analysis;
  • Forecasting;
  • Sourcing and delivery of electricity including Balance of Power (also known as top-up & spill);
  • Retail Operating Costs (account administration, sales proposals, contract negotiation, etc.);
  • Employment of capital;
  • Retail Margin;
  • Financial risk;

Community is a provider of electricity from the wholesale market, know-how, information & analysis, forecasting and account administration. Of particular importance, we don’t provide capital and we don’t take financial risk on the electricity supply; we consider that these activities naturally belong to the customer – along with the financial benefits. We do take a ‘retail margin’ except that we have redefined it as a Management Service Fee.

In contrast to Community's approach, a traditional retailer additionally receives a margin in return for providing capital and taking financial risk.


Our know-how and analysis is also available on a stand-alone basis as consultancy products, which we provide to customers and Market Participants alike (including other retailers).

Customised consultancy is available on any electricity retail and market issue required by the client...... please let us know your needs and ask us for a proposal.