Hardship Policy

At heart, Community Electricity espouses simple personal values and we recognise that clients will sometimes have difficulty in paying the full regulated cost of their electricity. Our primary strategy for addressing this is to give the client the opportunity for greater responsibility and accountability over its use of electricity and thereby to respond directly to the price signals and decide when and how much electricity to consume. When this isn’t sufficient for whatever reason, conditional on the clients’ liability not transferring to Community to become our liability, we will do what we can to help.

Our Hardship Policy is to refund to the client the money paid to us as our Service Fee. We will do so every time on application by the client, conditional on them first certifying that they are enduring financial hardship and will accept it as charitable donation. The application process is a simple written request and a standard form will be provided to the effect of; “I certify that [organisation] is experiencing financial hardship and I request as a charitable donation refund of the most recently issued Service Fee.”

We will not investigate any application, and will accept it at face value. There is no limit to the number of applications the client may make.

We also believe that people want to take responsibility for themselves and we will seek to educate clients in methods of helping themselves through managing their consumption. For example, people who are financially distressed shouldn’t be consuming power on an unconscious basis during the expensive Peak Intervals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Community requires all clients to prepay for their electricity and no assistance is offered in respect of actual market costs, which will be passed through to the client. Community will in effect forgo payment for its labour, institutional costs and intellectual property, but will not subsidise actual electricity costs. Insofar as the client defaults on a residual payment obligation, the client will be disconnected if need be.