Electricity Product

“Start with an article that suits and then study to find some way of eliminating the entirely useless parts. This applies to everything - a shoe, a dress, a house, a piece of machinery, a railroad, a steamship, an airplane. As we cut out useless parts and simplify necessary ones we also cut down the cost of making.”
- Henry Ford (1922)

Community Electricity is a fully licenced virtual electricity retailer approved and monitored by the Economic Regulation Authority. We also represent electricity retailers on the IMO’s Market Advisory Committee.

Community's product description is supported by a sworn Affidavit Attesting the Fitness-for-Purpose of Electricity Supplied.

We aren't obligated to buy any fixed electricity offtakes, instead taking electricity from the wholesale market in precisely the required quantity at precisely the required time, and passing through to the customer the cost and the financial volatility risk of supplying it.

We use our expertise and intellectual property to facilitate seamless electricity supply from the Wholesale Electricity Market, so that the customer receives fully reliable electricity at wholesale prices with a minimum of fuss.

While customers are financially responsible for funding timely payment of their individual accounts with the various market authorities, we administer everything on their behalf.

We provide our customers with:

  • Monthly summary reports providing full details of their consumption, costs and payments;
  • Commentary on means of improving financial performance;
  • Monthly forecasts of the following month’s consumption;
  • Timely information on market pricing, potential financial risks, and opportunities for innovation.

We offer a guarantee that our monthly Service Fee applies only if the customer achieves a price reduction of at least 10% compared to the regulated (gazetted) tariff, or we waive our Service Fee for that month.

The customer is free to switch to an alternative retailer for any reason at any time without notice; there is no contractual lock-in period.

We will be monitoring the wholesale electricity market on a daily basis, including weekends and public holidays, and can also be contacted then for urgent issues.

We will actively inform customers in real time of things we feel they need to know according to our knowledge of their business.

We aim to be accessible and to respond to service requests on the same day, albeit sometimes to estimate when we will have responses to complex matters.

Quality and reliability of supply

Community's product description is supported by a sworn Affidavit Attesting the Fitness-for-Purpose of Electricity Supplied.

Community Electricity is a Virtual Retailer offering an electricity product characterised as follows:

  • Pass-through of Wholesale Electricity Market pricing & price volatility plus a Management Services Fee
  • There is no guaranteed price cap on energy - other than the caps contained in the market
  • Same electricity from the same generators comprising the same power system
  • Same “electrons”
  • Same poles and wires
  • Same reliability
  • Same quality
  • Same fault service from Western Power
  • Personal account service
  • Flexibility to work with energy service providers of your choice
  • Flexibility to install on-site generation
    This is subject to full compliance with Western Power’s Technical Rules and other applicable regulations.
  • No contractual lock-in; the customer is free to terminate the supply at any time for any reason without notice or penalty
  • All electricity charges have to be prepaid; the customer has to pay on time every time and payment must be by direct debit
  • The customer will be disconnected if the pre-payment is consumed (although this would only occur in the event of an un-remedied payment default)

Please note that traditional retailer products offer many advantages that the Community Electricity product does not as it is targeted at customers that want to change their consumption in accordance with wholesale price signals. (More Information)

How do I obtain a proposal?

Community's service model is based on unbundling the retailer functions and then applying a fee for service for all aspects of the service, including a supply proposal; we don't allocate the cost of supply proposals to an 'overhead pool' and then allocate this to the customers that subsequently accept proposals. We're sorry that the process is cumbersome, but in order to obtain a proposal, we ask you to buy it as a product with the purchase price to be refunded as an offset against the Management Services Fee should you proceed with supply. The product comprises two parts, which you can buy separately or together as you wish:

  1. The first part is the product Cost-of-Supply Assessment which will inform you of the forecast wholesale cost of delivered supply to your load and customised to your Capacity Charge. And then, if you are happy with this, the second product is;

  2. Electricity Supply Proposal - this will give you full details of Community's product and service in the form of an Electricity Supply Agreement for your review and approval, together with an assessment of the potential impact of excessive energy price volatility and the measures you can reasonably take to manage your costs.