Electricity Supply Proposal

This is a detailed supply proposal which contains:

  • The proposed Electricity Supply Agreement, specifying all aspects of the proposed supply arrangement;
  • An assessment of the likelihood of a repeat of the Varanus Island experience; and
  • An assessment of the impact of such price volatility on the load to be supplied if no remedial action is taken;
  • A customised plan for managing such energy price volatility.


$500 +GST for any number of NMIs
Cost is refunded as an offset against the Management Service Fee if the Electricity Supply is taken.


This product is provided on a commercial-in-confidence basis.


Payment in cleared funds plus prior purchase of the product Cost-of-Supply Assessment at a fully refundable fee of $500 +GST.


Community will address any queries and issues in a timely manner.
Please see Our Promise for more information.

Please note that Community cannot influence energy price volatility and does not bear any responsibility for it.