DIY Electricity Tender Manual

This is a simple and straightforward manual for consumers wishing to take an optimal traditional electricity supply from a 3rd party retailer (but not from Community Electricity itself). The manual provides the key characteristics of the electrical load for presentation to a retailer, plus a user-friendly spreadsheet for comparing offers from different retailers. The manual enables the consumer to perform the tender entirely in-house without the need of external help and in accordance with the retailers' confidentiality requirements. The manual explains:

  • How the electricity market works
  • What happens when you change retailer
  • How retailers make their money
  • The various styles of tariff available, how they are constructed and how to decide which is best for your situation
  • How to check you are on the correct regulated retail tariff (if applicable)
  • How to check you are on the correct regulated network tariff
  • An assessment of the cost of supply of the load and its forecast evolution over the next three years
  • Contractual conditions to be aware of
  • The characteristics of your specific load based on assessment of the available 30 minute interval data for at least a 12 month period
  • How to ‘package’ your load as a request for proposal to the various retailers, including a template cover letter
  • Contact details for all the potential retailers
  • How to compare retailer offers using a spreadsheet that will be provided as part of the manual
  • How to verify invoices from the new electricity supply agreement


$1,000 +GST for a single NMI
Additional NMIs $250+GST each (for NMIs associated with the same customer)


Payment in cleared funds plus an authorised Verifiable Consent Form (pdf, 100KB) to allow access to the infrastructure data and historical meter data held by Western Power.


Community will base its assessment on the specific NMIs provided and will (with your consent) obtain all necessary data from Western Power.
Community will address any queries and issues in a timely manner.
Please see Our Promise for more information.

Please note

This is not an offer of electricity supply by Community Electricity.