Cost-of-Supply Assessment

This is a detailed assessment of the cost of supplying a nominated customer load directly from the Wholesale Electricity Market. It is based on our unique proprietary spreadsheet model and is especially useful in informing a negotiation with a 3rd party retailer (and in effect to estimate that retailer's proposed margin). The assessment explains:

  • How the electricity market works
  • The cost components of electricity supply
  • Assessment of the optimal regulated network tariff
  • Detailed analysis of the historical 30-minute interval meter data
  • The cost of supply elements of the specific load for the previous year, with particular emphasis on the Capacity Charge
  • The capital required as prudential deposits
  • How a retailer would likely view the load and an estimate of the margin it would likely require for supplying it
  • A forecast of the monthly delivered price for the load for the next year
  • Actions you could take to reduce your electricity cost - and in particular, management of the Capacity Charge


Free to registered not-for-profit organisations
$500 +GST for a single NMI
Additional NMIs $250+GST each (for NMIs associated with the same customer)
Cost is refunded as an offset against the Management Service Fee if the Electricity Supply is taken.


Payment in cleared funds plus an authorised Verifiable Consent Form pdf 100KB to allow access to the infrastructure data and historical meter data held by Western Power.


Community will base its assessment on the specific NMIs provided and will (with your consent) obtain all necessary data from Western Power.
Community will address any queries and issues in a timely manner.
Please see Our Promise for more information.

Please note

This is not an offer of electricity supply by Community Electricity.