“I determined absolutely that never would I join a company in which finance came before the work or in which bankers or financiers had a part. And further that, if there were no way to get started in the kind of business that I thought could be managed in the interest of the public, then I simply would not get started at all. For my own short experience, together with what I saw going on around me, was quite enough proof that business as a mere money-making game was not worth giving much thought to and was distinctly no place for a man who wanted to accomplish anything. Also it did not seem to me to be the way to make money. I have yet to have it demonstrated that it is the way. For the only foundation of real business is service.”
- Henry Ford (1922)

We have no external shareholders, capital providers, bankers, lawyers or investment professionals. Community is a family enterprise with family values. We also don't have bosses, employees, insurers (except where compelled by regulations) or a public image to massage; we are free to pursue our own values and standards - and for our enterprise to either prosper or languish as providence determines. We particularly value:

  • Courage

    “Courage is rightly considered the foremost of the virtues, for upon it, all others depend.”
    “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”
    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
    - Winston Churchill

  • Sound ethics - which we believe is the foundation of sound business and a prosperous life.
  • Integrity - we believe that all information provided should be honest, fully informed, practical and free from bias and commercial conflict. We support our products with an Affidavit. We develop products to meet market needs and we align ourselves with the Wholesale Market Objectives.
  • Excellence - we aim for the highest standards and strive to be the best at what we do.
  • Quality - we operate according to a Quality System and we develop Quality Plans for all our routine work so that all members of the team work to the same standard, we deliver a uniform product and we reduce dependence on any one person.
  • Candour - we don't sugar-coat reality or spin events to make a profit or please stakeholders; we 'tell it how it is'- including reasons why you shouldn't switch to us, benefits offered by traditional retailers (but not offered by us) and straight answers to the tough questions. We also offer our perspective on political interventions in the market and popular issues. We want to serve only customers that share our values; please excuse the candour, but the ‘timid’ and the ‘dependent’ are better served by a Traditional Retailer. ☺
  • Personal service - we believe that we should understand our customers' businesses and values, and that the only way to achieve this is personally.
  • Relevance - we believe that customers should have the right to at any time immediately end our relationship without notice or penalty as their guarantee that we will always serve them properly and add value to their business.
  • Performance Guarantees - we align our Management Service Fee with the value added to the customer’s business; if we don't exceed a hurdle added-value, there is no fee.
  • Responsibility - we believe that our fate is in our own hands; we won't seek government subsidies and will instead adapt to new circumstances and develop commercial advantage rather than lobby for government intervention in the business environment.
  • Continuous improvement - one of the spices of life; every day in every way, we get better and better.
  • Innovation - not as an end in itself, but wherever it cost-effectively supports the mission and goals. Innovation isn’t confined to the product at hand; it includes all aspects of lifestyle, relationships and mindset.
  • Passive marketing

    “Marketing is what you do when your product is no good”
    - Edwin Land

    We believe that the best marketing is by personal recommendation and we want to serve customers that are looking for us just as earnestly as we are looking for them.
  • Fun - 'work' is something you have to do when you would rather be doing something else. Conversely, life at its best is to enjoy what you are doing while you're doing it and especially so with “work”. We enjoy providing our service and have sought to share our enthusiasm and philosophy through the style of our website.