Community Electricity is primarily a family & friend endeavour and we perform most functions in house.

Dr Steve Gould is our principal and he is assisted by his sons Stuart and Douglas, who both recently graduated from Perth Modern High School. Stuart is an ‘IT whiz’ who operates the analytical models and also programmed the website... expect to see continuous improvements of the website as Stuart learns more.

Steve graduated from the University of Manchester in 1986 with a PhD in superfluid helium. He was a physicist with the UK Atomic Energy Authority for 5 years, specialising in the lubrication of spacecraft cryogenic mechanisms pdf 900KB for the European Space Agency. He migrated to Australia and joined the original, vertically integrated, Western Power in 1995. He left Western Power in 1999 to become a private electricity retailer and over the next decade developed the retail systems of three of the current ‘traditional’ retailers. He has also been a prominent industry participant of the various working committees that contributed to the detailed design and implementation of what evolved into the Wholesale Electricity Market. He currently sits on the IMO’s Market Advisory Committee and the ERA’s Technical Rules Committee.

Our Quality Plans require a double-check on all material financial calculations, and these are performed by business analysts operating independently of the main operation, who also form part of the key-man risk management strategy. These include Gina Chua who has been a senior business analyst in the SWIS for over 25 years. Gina started with the former Western Power and subsequently worked with three of the established retailers. Gina resides overseas in the GMT time zone and conducts all the important quality checks using her own independent systems.

Further information is available on our Credentials page.