Our Promise

We promise that we will act in good faith to provide information, analysis and service that to the best of our knowledge and belief is accurate, timely, objective, commercially-unbiased and generally fit-for-purpose in the best interests of the stakeholders using it. We will provide substantiation wherever we reasonably can. We will do our best to get things right first time and avoid unwelcome surprises for our stakeholders and anonymous users of our website. If and when we make mistakes, we’ll listen carefully to those notifying us and act swiftly and responsibly to correct them and notify those affected.

We are a novel and innovative family enterprise operating in a complex, technical and evolving context. We have no external investors or banks to earn a return for. We make a living by being paid for consultancy services and facilitating electricity supply from the Wholesale Electricity Market at pass-through cost & risk. We don't ourselves take market risk, and therefore don't need to earn a return commensurate with it.

We believe we are qualified to offer our services because our principal has been an electricity retailer in the service of others since commencement of ‘deregulation’ of the electricity market some 20 years ago; we have matured with the market, contributed extensively to its development, and operated within it throughout its existence.


We accept full responsibility for the information and consultancy we provide up to a limit of liability of the payment made to us by the affected client.

In the event of there being a material defect in any consultancy product we provide, we will fully refund the payment and remedy the defect at our expense.

Professional indemnity insurance

Please be advised that we do not carry professional indemnity insurance.