Community Electricity provides low-cost customised electricity retail solutions on a fee-for-service basis to consumers and suppliers seeking to benefit from wholesale electricity prices and price signals while bearing their desired level of risk & return commensurate with their consumption choices:

  • Customised Retail Solutions - we offer whatever works for the client. In the standard case, our electricity product entails pass-through of all the wholesale and regulated costs. In other cases, the seller and buyer may have agreed terms but need a licensed retailer to facilitate the transaction through the provision of ‘balance of power’, or for technical and regulatory compliance.

  • Low Cost - we are self-contained with minimum overhead, a small number of versatile professionals, no wholesale obligations, and no debt or investors to provide for.

  • Fee for Service - we style our participation as management services and receive a fee in whatever style works for the client. For example, this may be in the form of a fixed amount, or a percentage of the value added to the client and subject to a performance guarantee; for example, no fee unless a performance hurdle is exceeded.

  • Consumers and Suppliers - we welcome engagement by either the buyer or a seller of 3rd party services such as technology providers.

  • Wholesale Electricity Prices and Price Signals - the Wholesale Electricity Market unbundles the cost components of electricity supply and establishes a market or administrative mechanism to mininimse their cost.

  • Risk and Return - traditionally, risk arises mainly from energy price volatility over the short to medium term, and has to be balanced with a 'return' arising from the wholesale price over the long term generally being lower than the retailers’ guaranteed price. Additionally, in recent times, the evolving electricity supply paradigm has become subject to a high degree of political and regulatory risk as governments redefine and respond to environmental priorities, and balance their finances with the threat & opportunity of disruptive technology.

  • Commensurate with consumption choices - the customer will generally have access to the market's real-time 'provisional price and expected progression over the following several hours, and it may choose how much electricity to consume and when to consume it. Most importantly, customers can choose to be aware of 'Peak Days' and to change behaviour so as to minimise their cost of supply.