1. To align Community Electricity's interests and services with the Wholesale Electricity Market Objectives, which are designed to provide consumers with optimal value-for-money electricity.

  2. To offer customised electricity retail solutions to Large Use Consumers of electricity and facilitate the uptake of behind-the-meter technologies via fit-for-purpose regulation and compliance costs.
    A Large Use Consumer is more strictly not a Small Use Consumer; that is, a Customer consuming in excess of 160,000 kWh per year.

  3. To provide electricity retail services that give Large Use Consumers a traditional electricity supply at their desired level of exposure to the opportunities, risks and benefits of the Wholesale Electricity Market.

  4. To offer our services at low cost by self-funding the enterprise and performing in-house all retail functions, engaging specialist and professional contractors only on a fit-for-purpose basis.

  5. To provide free education on how the Wholesale Electricity Market works, the opportunities it affords and strategies for integrating with it at a range of risk-return choices.

  6. To operate a Hardship Policy for the benefit of Large Use Consumers whereby the retail service is provided free of charge to businesses suffering financial hardship from time to time.

  7. To make the proportionately most impactful contribution of all Market Participants to the ongoing maintenance and development of the Wholesale Electricity Market through active participation in all public consultations and institutional initiatives. These include the IMO’s Market Advisory Committee and associated Working Groups, and the ERA’s Technical Rules Committee.