Community Service

Community Electricity’s core ethos is to serve the community by aligning itself with and actively supporting development of the Wholesale Electricity Market Objectives, which are designed to provide optimal value-for-money electricity. The Market Objectives are:

  1. To promote the economically efficient, safe and reliable production and supply of electricity and electricity related services in the South West interconnected system;

  2. To encourage competition among generators and retailers in the South West interconnected system, including by facilitating efficient entry of new competitors;

  3. To avoid discrimination in that market against particular energy options and technologies, including sustainable energy options and technologies such as those that make use of renewable resources or that reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions;

  4. To minimise the long-term cost of electricity supplied to customers from the South West interconnected system; and

  5. To encourage the taking of measures to manage the amount of electricity used and when it is used.

Through its expertise, self-contained professionalism and personal service, Community will:

  • Facilitate Large Use Customer take-up via the Wholesale Electricity Market of an industry-standard product at low fee and high consumer-benefits.
    A Large Use Customer is more strictly not a Small Use Customer; that is, a Customer consuming in excess of 160,000 kWh per year.

  • Develop and maintain a website for the purpose of informing electricity users of the choices available to them, the opportunities afforded by the Wholesale Electricity Market and the products and services offered by Community Electricity.

  • Refund the Service Fee automatically on receipt from an electricity client of a self-certification that it is experiencing financial hardship.

  • Provide for free to registered not-for-profit organisations Community's Cost-of-Supply Assessment.

  • Participate in industry committees and public consultations on an objective and non-conflicted basis in support of the Market Objectives.