The wholesale electricity market is dynamic and ever changing of itself and is also subject to a high degree of political and regulator risk. Since market commencement in 2006, there have been over 150 rule changes approved. The business-as-usual phase of the market evolution included development of the current Balancing Market and replacement of the original process for certifying renewable generation by a radical alternative. The Electricity Market Review envisages further changes to the capacity mechanism and the Balancing Market, and reworking of the regime governing network charges.

Community Electricity has throughout the evolution of the market developed commercial models for:

  • Retail Pricing for commercial and industrial loads;
  • Forecasting Energy Prices including the impact of the addition of large (block) loads, new generators and generator retirements;
  • Forecasting Capacity Prices including the impact of new generators, generator retirements, reform of the DSM mechanism and reform of the capacity market in general;
  • Varanus Island style fuel contingency - assessing the risk and consequence of a repeat;
  • IRCR-Response Management – managing capacity charges from the user perspective

We are the principal provider of consulting services to boutique electricity retailers, to whom we provide the following services on a long term basis:

  • Obtaining an Electricity Retail Licence;
  • Retail Operations;
  • Retail and Energy Contracting;
  • Pricing & Risk Management modelling;
  • Energy Price Forecasting;
  • Portfolio Performance & Forecast;
  • Energy Price & Risk Management Report (monthly);
  • Regulatory Development Report (approximately monthly);
  • Market Development Report (approximately quarterly);
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of regulatory changes

We are currently using our models to assess the impact and commercial fit of new and renewable technologies and retailer strategies for integrating them, including:

  • Solar PV Power Stations and systems;
  • Residential market entry;
  • New windfarms;
  • Batteries;
  • LED lighting;
  • Electric Vehicles

If you have an interest in engaging us on a consulting basis, please get in touch and let us know your needs.

Please note – in accordance with our values and beliefs, we provide consulting advice and make public submissions – without fear or favour - on the basis of reason applied to the facts, and we don’t participate in lobbying or advocacy.