Community Electricity provides low-cost customised electricity retail solutions on a fee-for-service basis to consumers and suppliers seeking to benefit from wholesale electricity prices and price signals while bearing their desired level of risk & return commensurate with their consumption choices. (More Information)

Strategic Insight

The physical supply of electricity is highly regulated and automated. An electricity retailer may be thought of as a Virtual Retailer; that is, a settlement agent that provides information, risk-management and regulatory-compliance services. Significant cost reductions are achievable relative to regulated retail tariffs pdf 270KB by taking supply directly from the Wholesale Electricity Market and bearing the associated financial risk. Financial risk arises primarily because of energy price volatility. The entity best placed to manage the financial risk is the consumer itself conditional on it being informed of the consequences of its choices and the options available. If the consumer also itself lodges the regulated prudential support in respect of its own electricity supply, the return on capital arising from 'conscious consumption' from the wholesale market can be a very attractive alternative to a traditional retail relationship.

Unique Service Proposition

Community Electricity is a licensed specialist provider of low-cost electricity retail solutions to help clients benefit from the Wholesale Electricity Market. It has extensive experience in electricity retail and possesses unique financial analytical models and Quality-Assured systems covering all retail functions. It is also a foremost participant in the committees overseeing development and evolution of the electricity market.





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